Azure pool

The plants of the thriving garden full of colors and scents and the stone of the hotel floor are the setting for the Blue Pool that offers refreshing moments of relaxation at any time of day.

In the area in front of the pool you can relax on comfortable teak loungers sipping cocktails and enjoying your favorite snacks.

The blue pool is equipped with a whirlpool with eight positions and a large beach that simulates the sea shore.

Lux pool

For you who love to always feel a little special, the Lux Pool awaits you where unique spaces give you privacy.

Lying on the soft canopy beds, feeling the freshness of the water and the sea breeze on your skin, is the perfect recipe for finding serenity in a completely natural way.

The white curtains of the canopies and the lush garden are real wind chimes that help your relaxation and your break from the outside world.