Beachfront Restaurant Don Carlo in Pula in Sardinia

Beachfront Restaurant Don Carlo in Pula in Sardinia

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Beachfront Restaurant Don Carlo in Pula in Sardinia.

Don Carlo restaurant is located in front of the Su Guventeddu beach.

It offers all the comforts to spend a day in total relaxation. The splendid sea view, the classic dishes made with fresh pasta and top quality ingredients, the efficient and attentive service make this place unique.

Don Carlo Restaurant’s cuisine is exquisite, and the service is attentive and courteous. Is ideal for spending a relaxing day on the beach of Pula near Nora.
The beach is clean and well maintained, and is the perfect place to sunbathe or take a swim in the clear waters of Southern Sardinia.

Don Carlo Restaurant menu offers typical Sardinian cuisine and traditional Italian dishes, all made with fresh and genuine ingredients. The quality is very high, as is the service. In short, if you are looking for a place to spend a special day, then the Don Carlo Restaurant is just the thing for you.


1) Cereals and Derivates
2) Crustaceans
3) Egg
4) Fish
5) Peanuts

6) Soj
7) Milk
8) Fruit in shell
9) Celery
10) Mustard

11) Sesam
12) Sulphur
13) Lupine
14) Molluscs

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